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Why choose Higgins to manage your property

Property Management is a large part of the Higgins Real Estate business and our experience is that all owners want the same things when choosing an agent to manage their property:

  1. The right tenant
  2. Rent paid on time
  3. The best manager
  4. Maximum return on their investment

Our Mission is to provide a service to provide the highest standards of ethics, values and client care and  

personal service to you, our client.

We offer a Service Guarantee as our aim is to do whatever it takes to totally delight you.

Our focus is to ensure your investment returns are maximised, all whilst removing much of the onerous and sometimes unpleasant tasks associated with managing your property.

We work with all sorts of people and different personalities.   Ask yourself- Would you feel comfortable:

* Pursuing your tenants if they got behind in rent?

* If they breached the lease terms?

* To increase the tenant’s rent?   or

* To give the tenant termination notice?

Engaging Higgins Real Estate to negotiate these aspects of the management process,  gives you peace of mind that all tasks are managed smoothly and in line with the legislation.         Many people have placed their trust in Higgins Real Estate to manage their investment, to find them a home to rent, and continue to do so.

We know what to look for at final inspection and are experienced in negotiating with tenants during the bond-refund process.

We have extensive experience to  mediate disagreements or breaches if they arise, ensuring our need to take  matters to the Tribunal is limited.   If required though, we skilfully represent the Landlord in Tribunal.

We know the market-which ensures that the property is leased in the quickest possible time and to ensure that you maximise your rental return.   This ensures our consistently high occupation rate.

Streamlined Accounting – twice monthly payments

Offering both mid-month and end-month processing of rental payments – whatever suits you.   Statements, paid invoices and rates notices are emailed monthly,  however if you prefer them to be posted just let us know.

Stringent Tenant Selection

Member of TICA , Australia’s largest tenancy database,  and use of other methods to ensure the tenants selected are desirable.   YOU have final decision on all desirable candidates we find.

ALL rental viewings are in the company of the Property Managers – NO KEYS HANDED OUT ON VACANT PROPERTIES EVER!

Flexible Tenant Inspection times

Higgins Real Estate provide flexible, out of work hours, viewing times .

Low Arrears

We work with tenants towards a NO arrears policy as this benefits both the owner’s bottom line and the tenant’s  future rental capability.    We have low arrears as we work with the tenants daily using an SMS system which keeps tenants reminded if they fall behind.

Life shows us that things don’t always go to plan in someone’s life – changes to employment and relationships definately impact some tenants’ ability to pay rent on time.    Rest assured though that we will constantly manage these situations as best we can, with your instructions all the way, to get the best outcome for you.

Quarterly Inspections

Inspections are conducted quarterly and we don’t relax on this even if we know the tenant treats the property well.    This gives you peace of mind that we are constantly checking the maintenance and state of repair of the property.    Follow up calls and written reports with photos are provided immediately thereafter.


Our focus is to keep all repairs/maintenance up to date and we liaise with Landlords regularly in this regard.    This ensures that little problems don’t become larger and more costly problems.    We all want to live in a property where everything works correctly.

After EVERY routine inspection, any maintenance is assessed for its urgency, minor repaired asap and major maintenance organised immediately.      If a more specialised repair is required we have a range of qualified certified tradespersons just a phone call away.

This gives you peace of mind in the knowledge your valuable asset is well looked after and in sound condition for future rentals  AND maximises your financial return.

Regular Rent Reviews

Rents are reviewed half yearly and appraised with the market average.  We make the suggestion to review the rent and give you the option to change or not.

Ever-changing Industry

Property Management, like many professions today, is set within a rapidly changing industry. It is essential that we have the latest technology and we are currently streamlining the Maintenance Management.


It is important that we understand and keep abreast of the ever-changing legislation and  and we do this through ongoing training programs and seminars.

Online Access – 24/7

This service allows you to view, search, download your property inspections and historical statements.

If you wish to subscribe to  24/7 service –  Contact us – for your unique verification code.

Team Based Service

Higgins Real Estate operate on a team based department which ensures that at any time there is always a team member able to assist you.


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Landlord Insurance

It is worthwhile to take a minute or two to research and consider Landlord’s insurance.   Your building insurance may not cover all of the aspects and situations of renting  out your property.  Landlord specific insurance, for as little as $1/day (est)  covers you for tenant-related risks including loss of rental income, and loss or damage by tenants to your building and contents.            If you need assistance in this area, just let us know.